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I agree with the terms of Inspire UK as available on this website (via the footer on every page of this website) and on this page. 

I confirm in particular that I have read the following prior to completing my membership purchase:

1) I agree that the "First Name" and "Last Name" that I have used above is the name by which I wish to be known as a member and which I use elsewhere in business with people I meet. 

2) I confirm I will register using the same email address when registering with Guild to gain access to the Inspire UK groups and then failure to do so may result in being removed from the groups.

3) I confirm that I acknowledge that access to the Inspire Guild groups is only available to those whose email addresses match those on our files.

4) I confirm that I will not share my access with anyone else nor share my personal group link with anyone else.

5) I confirm that I am the owner or leader of a business, company, non-profit or other organisation and hold the most senior role (MD and/or majority shareholder/Sole Trader/Partner/Chair/Founder). I recognise that my membership will be terminated and no refund will be given if I am found to be promoting someone else's business or organisation as an employee, except with prior permission in writing from Nikki Tapley.

6) I acknowledge that I am responsible for cancelling my membership and keeping my card details up to date. I understand I can do this by logging into the website using the email and password I've set above, and clicking on the Avatar symbol to open the Settings panel. I recognise that my membership will be withdrawn if my card details are not maintained.

7) I confirm that it will not be possible to email or DM Nikki Tapley or Inspire UK to request my membership to be updated except in rare exceptions where I have been unable to log in due to losing access to my email. I acknowledge I can reset my own password via the website, and that Inspire UK will not be responsible for refunding subscription charges that I incurred as a result of failing to cancel my membership prior to renewal via the website.

8) I confirm that it is not the responsibility of Inspire UK to remind me of my renewal and that I understand that payments are due on the same date that I signed up, each month.

9) I agree that Inspire UK shall invoice me via email at the rate of £3.50 per day that my payment is late in the event that my payments fail and that it is my responsibility to make payment promptly within 14 days of this being sent. I confirm that I will be considered an active member for up to one month while repeated payment attempts will be made, and that my membership will then assumed no longer required and cancelled if payments continue to fail.

10) I accept that it is my responsiblity to cancel my membership if I don't wish to be invoiced for fees, and that payments are automated so will not fail unless this is due to my error in not updating card details or ensuring funds are available, and this can be verified by Inspire UK via Stripe. As such no refunds shall be payable (except in accordance with your statutory rights) except in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. In the event that I am dissatisfied within my first month of membership and I cancel, I may be offered a partial refund at the sole discretion of Inspire UK, but after the first month, no further refund will be payable.

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The Inspire Growth Squad Membership

Join as a Squaddie today and get ready to grow!

As a member of The Inspire Growth Squad you will receive access to the following:

  • 1 daytime and 1 evening masterminding session a month (60-minutes)
  • 1 co-working and accountability session a month (60-minutes)
  • 1 bitesize business booster masterclass a month (15-minutes plus optional live workshop element afterwards)
  • Access to the resource library within our group and via the Inspire Member Vault, including replays of previous masterclasses
  • Our exclusive web and app-based community and networking area reserved for The Inspire Growth Squad members
  • Guest expert sessions on topics related to life and business for example health, wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, wealth, etc. – you can apply to run these for the community as a member.
  • Plus, access to The Inspire Network and its monthly Speed Networking sessions and networking community.

Please note: Places are reserved to 150 at any time and are approaching this limit. When this number is exceeded we will close the checkout, so join now to avoid disappointment.

NB - If you experience difficulties during checkout, and you cannot see the postcode box on the payment area, please refresh the page and ensure you do not use autofill. Autofill can affect the use of this form.

Please contact us in the event of any further issues or questions in relation to membership.

What People Say Inspire Membership

This is an amazing community of wonderful ladies offering a business support package with lots to learn and grow. Nikki Tapley is warm and encouraging of all her members success. If you are looking to move to the next level, you would do well to join. A heart led networking/coaching group . 💜


I've really benefitted from my membership over the past few months. I joined at a perfect time, literally just as I was setting up my own business. It's been a great way of leaning on other people's experiences and getting started as I mean to go on, by putting best practises into place after attending the masterclasses hosted by the group's resident experts and also just knowing I have a wealth of knowledge practically at my fingertips via the relationships I've formed being a member of this organisation.


I am so pleased to be part of this incredible community, full of the most amazing, supportive, and inspirational women. Nikki, the founder, offers advice, but also gets other members involved too, to share their own areas of expertise!


I consider myself super lucky to have found this group, which is full of supportive and thoughtful women who are always eager to give advice and offer help. The membership not only offers support, but the mastermind sessions and in-house experts make this a truly valuable community to be a part of 🙂


Highly recommend the membership! I've met some really lovely people, have connected with lots of potential clients and like minded people who are there as cheerleaders and offer support whenever I have needed it. Nikki is an absolute gem and is always there with a kind word and sound advice. No matter where you are on your journey, this membership will help you move to the next level (and the next, and the next)...


Highly recommend Inspire. I’ve tried lots of different networking/coaching type groups but the support and encouragement inside Inspire is on a different level.


Since joining Inspire, I've found the meetings and networking opportunities extremely useful. Plenty of people to help and support in all sorts of areas but I've also seen an increase in my sales, many of which have come through Inspire membership. I joined initially to give it a go and see if it was worth it, I'll definitely be sticking around for years to come.