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1) I agree that the "First Name" and "Last Name" that I have used above is the name by which I wish to be known as a member and which I use elsewhere in business with people I meet. 

2) I confirm I will register using the same email address when registering with Guild to gain access to the Inspire UK groups and then failure to do so may result in being removed from the groups.

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4) I confirm that I will not share my access with anyone else nor share my personal group link with anyone else.

5) I confirm that I am the owner or leader of a business, company, non-profit or other organisation and hold the most senior role (MD and/or majority shareholder/Sole Trader/Partner/Chair/Founder). I recognise that my membership will be terminated and no refund will be given if I am found to be promoting someone else's business or organisation as an employee, except with prior permission in writing from Nikki Tapley.

6) I acknowledge that I am responsible for cancelling my membership and keeping my card details up to date. I understand I can do this by logging into the website using the email and password I've set above, and clicking on the Avatar symbol to open the Settings panel. I recognise that my membership will be withdrawn if my card details are not maintained.

7) I confirm that it will not be possible to email or DM Nikki Tapley or Inspire UK to request my membership to be updated except in rare exceptions where I have been unable to log in due to losing access to my email. I acknowledge I can reset my own password via the website, and that Inspire UK will not be responsible for refunding subscription charges that I incurred as a result of failing to cancel my membership prior to renewal via the website.

8) I confirm that it is not the responsibility of Inspire UK to remind me of my renewal and that I understand that payments are due on the same date that I signed up, each month.

9) I agree that Inspire UK shall invoice me via email at the rate of £3.50 per day that my payment is late in the event that my payments fail and that it is my responsibility to make payment promptly within 14 days of this being sent. I confirm that I will be considered an active member for up to one month while repeated payment attempts will be made, and that my membership will then assumed no longer required and cancelled if payments continue to fail.

10) I accept that it is my responsiblity to cancel my membership if I don't wish to be invoiced for fees, and that payments are automated so will not fail unless this is due to my error in not updating card details or ensuring funds are available, and this can be verified by Inspire UK via Stripe. As such no refunds shall be payable (except in accordance with your statutory rights) except in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. In the event that I am dissatisfied within my first month of membership and I cancel, I may be offered a partial refund at the sole discretion of Inspire UK, but after the first month, no further refund will be payable.

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The Inspire VIP Hub Membership

Join as a VIP today and find all the help you'll need to grow your business in one place!

As an Inspire VIP Member you will receive access to the following:

  • 1 x 60-minute monthly mentoring call with Nikki Tapley
  • Private, secure, networking and supportive group for The Inspire VIP Hub members, where you can ask questions of Nikki between your 1:1 sessions with her
  • Plus, access to The Inspire Growth Squad and all it's collaboration and support sessions RRP £30/month.
  • And access to The Inspire Network and its networking sessions RRP £30/year.

Please note: Only those who have had a consultation with Nikki Tapley should sign up via this page! Nikki has strict limits on how many ladies she can help 1:1 and is also focused on helping women who she knows she will be a good fit to support. If you sign up without prior consultation we reserve the right to cancel membership in the event that we are full, and no refund is payable.

Please book a consultation with Nikki if you have not yet done so and are interested in joining via her diary link. Simply click here.

NB - If you experience difficulties during checkout, and you cannot see the postcode box on the payment area, please refresh the page and ensure you do not use autofill. Autofill can affect the use of this form.

Please contact us in the event of any further issues or questions in relation to membership.

What People Say About Working with Nikki and Inspire Membership:

Nikki is someone who is so easy to talk to, you feel you can be open and honest. There is no judgement, only support and practical ideas provided!


Nikki helped me to find focus with my business goals through her coaching sessions. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and very professional. I highly recommend Nikki if ever you need a coach or mentor.


I have gone from not really knowing what I wanted to do, other than having desire to do something, to launching my business with booked taster sessions and a vision for the future. Nikki’s fantastic amount of knowledge on how to build a business and her belief in me, really powered me forwards and without Nikki’s coaching I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. If you are a new or small business looking for guidance, support and a little push in the right direction, I cannot recommend Nikki enough.


Nikki's great; she took the time to understand what I'm trying to achieve before providing me with pragmatic and intelligent advice. Not only did she advise me on the tactical bit (that I thought I needed help with) but on my business and marketing strategy too. I'd recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a business/marketing strategy consultant.


I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough!! The coaching and mentoring session that I had with Nikki has helped me to put in place a plan of action for achieving my goals. It was a pleasure attending a session with Nikki and benefiting from her wealth of business knowledge. I now have a plan in place to move forwards with my business. I am looking forward to continuing working with Nikki and benefiting from her help and support as I grow my business.


“When starting my business I was in a bit of a fog and as the months went on I felt I was losing my focus. Someone suggested I should try a coach and mentor to get me back on track. Nikki was amazing, she helped me to see through the fog and got me back on track. After sessions I felt more focussed and positive about myself and my business. Nikki is easy to talk to and I always feel I can talk to her about all my business worries and not feel foolish. I can’t thank Nikki enough for all she has done for me.”


Nikki has really helped me clear my head and make important business decisions that I’ve been putting off. One particular decision I’ve been toying with for a year - Nikki has helped me clear away overwhelm and procrastination and make a decision. I am definitely seeing the benefit in my business of working with Nikki.


Not only do you get Nikki's amazing help, guidance, reassurance but you also get a group of wonderful business people who are just great at helping. Everyone is bringing different backgrounds, ideas, skills and this makes it the perfect place to sound off new ideas or get advice. Running a business is hardwork and it is lonely at times and bring part of the squad makes it a lot less lonely. Thank you so much Nikki for everything you have done for me!


We started working with Nikki as we felt we’d lost our way and were struggling to balance business and family life. Her input was priceless; the advice and support we were given... helped us to build our confidence, make guided decisions, and having the accountability of our meetings was a safety net to ensure we were continuing in the right direction. Nikki is a brilliant listener with a knack for getting to the underlying issues. This, coupled with an incredible knowledge base, helped empower us to believe that we could reach our goals. I would recommend working with Nikki regardless of your business background. She has a broad range of connections that she regularly signposts to, so she truly is your one-stop shop for building yourself or your business.


Since joining Inspire, I've found the meetings and networking opportunities extremely useful. Plenty of people to help and support in all sorts of areas but I've also seen an increase in my sales, many of which have come through Inspire membership. I joined initially to give it a go and see if it was worth it, I'll definitely be sticking around for years to come.


Highly recommend Inspire. I’ve tried lots of different networking/coaching type groups but the support and encouragement inside Inspire is on a different level.