Inspiring 12,000 women in business to thrive

We're here to Inspire and empower all women, no matter where they are in their business owner journeys.

Inspire UK is already empowering and supporting around 12,000 women across the UK. We'd love to help you too.


Founded in 2010, we underwent some major changes during the Covid-19 pandemic and now have a larger-than-ever national, online Facebook community and a separate, smaller membership with several hundred UK-based female business owners.

With new, heart-led leaders, who are focused on nurturing a safe space to forge authentic, genuine relationships as female business owners, we recognise that success comes when we focus on relationships first. So our main focus at all times is on encouraging one another and doing so helps us achieve our goals.

Originally known as The Inspire Network, we are actually one of the longest-standing women's business networks in the country, and we have so
 many talented women in our community; from start-ups through to well-established owners/directors. We are not designed to make a profit, which means our membership subs are negligible, and the flexibility of monthly or annual payment options make membership accessible and a no-brainer for any heart-led businesswoman who wants the support of others. We believe the diversity of Inspire UK is what makes it so special. 

Whatever your circumstances, Inspire has an option to suit you. We know that life can be busy with family commitments and other responsibilities, so we are flexible and offer meetings in both daytimes and evenings to suit those with families and busy diaries.

We offer our members national, virtual relationship-building meetings through our affordable Membership, which includes regular masterclasses to help them learn and develop themselves as business leaders. For those who are serious about investing time in their business we offer monthly group accountability and networking sessions. 

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Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the opportunity to empower, energise and equip women to go further in business, by harnessing the power of connection and the collective knowledge within our community.

We want to see women succeed and support each other in the process.

We are women on a mission...

As a heart-led organisation that is passionate about the success of women in business, our mission is to be the most inspiring, best value, networking and development-focused organisation for all business women in the UK.

We are led by women who role model collaboration and who genuinely care about the success of our members.

We focus our energy on delivering a professional, value-driven, useful, supportive network which provides outstanding development opportunities to boot.

We are committed to being accessible, welcoming and affordable for women at EVERY stage in business.


...with 'Inspirational' values...

We value every woman who chooses to be a part of our community and as a heart-led organisation we look to serve our ladies as best we can.

Our values are especially important to us and are core to our business and how we inspire women.

Connection | Collaboration | Community |

And as part of this, we have a commitment to:

- Inspire

- Empower

- Encourage

- Equip

Women who desire to build a successful business, with the opportunities we offer.

We encourage women to work together to achieve success, just as we look to collaborate within our team at Inspire and also with other organisations.

Treating one another with kindness and behaving professionally is far more likely to yield positive outcomes in life and business. That's why we role model these values and expect our members to do the same.

We want to see our members thrive, so we encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and development so that they achieve their goals. Equally, we do what we can to empower them and encourage members to empower one another.


...And so is our CEO!

Meet Nikki Tapley

Nikki is a mission-led, entrepreneurial business leader and investor who is passionate about business as a force for good and empowering people.

Nikki's mission for Inspire is to help women to build thriving businesses that fulfil their goals and desires, that bring value to the world, without sacrificing enjoyment of the present moment.

Nikki's wider goals are to facilitate freedom for future generations by building businesses that create profit for purpose. She is motivated to alleviate social, emotional and financial poverty through her work, particularly for women and children affected by abuse. She is passionate about championing and empowering individuals who feel called to start a business (especially those like her who are parents) to take the plunge and help them to provide for their families, leave a legacy and do some good in the world.

In addition to heading up Team Inspire, Nikki is also the Founder and Chair of Trustees of registered charity "Free to Fly", and is the Director of an accountancy firm. She is married with two daughters and lives in Hampshire UK, where she loves spending time by the sea.

How we deliver

In order to achieve our mission, we focus on three key areas - helping women to connect, learn and grow - alongside our core values. Here's a bit more about how we deliver in each of these areas:


With our members-only WhatsApp group chats, Facebook-based community 'The Inspire Hub' and virtual Inspire Members Masterminding meetings available on a weekly basis, you can join in when it suits you, all included within your membership at no additional cost.

With over a decade of experience, we have built our own unique event format to ensure that sessions are not only productive and useful, but also motivating and up-lifting. Everyone should leave energised and ready to set the world on fire, full of new ideas and valuable contacts. We believe that relationships are key to success in business and like to encourage members to help one another rather than sell to one another!



To support our commitment to seeing women thrive we provide quality opportunities for learning and development in addition to our focus on building relationships.

A few hours a month of dedicated personal and professional development time can be transformational for your life and business.

That's why we arrange monthly Masterclasses where we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience; these 30-minute sessions are followed by a live Q&A opportunity.

These sessions are recorded and available in through The Inspire Hub, so anyone who can't make it live can always catch up later.



The Inspire Network is here to inspire growth and help business owners to thrive. We are committed to helping women to develop themselves and their businesses, whether that's building confidence, knowledge, skills or finding new business. We encourage our members to inspire one another to thrive and be the best they can be going forward.

As you progress in your business journey, you'll want to find the support that meets your needs at a higher level. The Inspire Network Plus offers networking and masterminding in a peer boardroom environment, as well as an exclusive WhatsApp group with our CEO, to support you in the pursuit of your goals.

Our monthly virtual mastermind sessions are convenient for a busy schedule, designed to cement exceptional relationships with other inspired business women who will support your growth.


Thinking of joining us?

Simply head to our Membership page now to find out exactly what each membership level has to offer, make your choice, and prepare to Be Inspired!