Are you a woman on a mission?

Is it your purpose in life to be a force for good in the world and increase your impact?

Want to make the world a better place through your business, non-profit organisation, investments or other activities? Want to be part of something where everyone involved has the same perspective?


Our mission is to increase the impact of women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit founders, investors.  If you're someone whose focus is on increasing your impact as a priority in your life, we are for you!

We dare to be different and play counter to culture, refusing to conform to the agenda of the world that seeks to keep us small...we recognise our power as a force for good, even when life is challenging at times!

Not all of our members will be in the same place financially or in terms of time freedom, and most will be very busy juggling various projects, families, etc. whether for profit or not. What unites us is that we all share an abundance mindset and the belief that we can ALWAYS give and help each other if we believe we's all down to mindset.

We're for empowered women of integrity, who take responsibility for their actions, and recognise that surrounding themselves with like-minded beautiful souls, is what will help them achieve their aspirations, to increase their impact, whilst looking after themselves and their families.

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"Inspired Women"

Mastermind Membership

Want to increase your impact and make a difference in the world as a priority, in what you do in business and beyond?

Are you looking to utilise the power of masterminding and quality networking to develop meaningful relationships to create new opportunities, with collaborative women who'll help achieve your goals?

Do you want a safe space to share ideas, brainstorm, and access support and encouragement - with other women who care about your success and helping you increase your impact?

Joining Inspired Women gives access to our exclusive community of max. 250 members, and provides quality, friendly, professionally organised networking and masterminding at a no-brainer price.

We are united by the common belief that together we are stronger and the community is a friendly and judgment-free zone focussed on mutual support, advice, and collaboration.

Members network with integrity, in a way that feels good, building authentic relationships.

Get to know others during Zoom networking sessions, then develop relationships within the community and beyond

Founder, Nikki Tapley, is a wealth of knowledge, as an experienced entrepreneur, investor, charity founder and heart-led business coach who has helped many many businesses to grow and successfully secure investment.

Nikki is actively involved in growing a number of businesses in which she is invested, and shares her knowledge and expertise as a coach freely with members wherever she can! She now focuses on her philanthropy, but does offer consultancy services to HNWI’s and growing companies, who want to increase their impact in the world. Visit for more on her!

Hand holding a graphic of a network with the inspire network logo in turquoise

Your membership includes:

  • Monthly 60-minute networking sessions online where you can connect with others informally but¬†efficiently.
  • Monthly 60-minute masterminding sessions where you can get input, ideas and inspiration from other members, and our leader, Nikki Tapley.
  • Access to our Facebook group, so¬†you can find¬†members to connect with them between meetings.
  • The group also serves as a mastermind community between meetings, to get advice, encouragement, and support in your mission to make a difference in the world and get support when you need it.
  • Members who are open to networking in order to form quality connections that lead to opening doors for one another and helping each other.

Your investment is just £39 a month - places at this price are limited, join now to access this price before it increases.

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