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If you're based in the UK and are the owner of your own business, VIP Membership is for you!

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Through a combination of online meetings, workshops, digital resources, and an active community, you'll find meaningful, relevant, advice and support, training, coaching and mentoring in a group environment, as well as opportunities to build collaborative relationships.

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Become a part of Inspire and join a close-knit community of supportive, heart-led female entrepreneurs.

  • Build quality relationships with heart-led business owners who understand the value of relationships
  • Access expert advice and masterclasses from the Inspire team each month
  • Join our WhatsApp group and connect quickly and easily with other members in between our online meetings
  • Access our EXCLUSIVE VIP members-only Facebook community (The Inspire Hub) where you can share what's new in your business and any offers
  • Online, supportive, informal, relationship-building Zoom calls weekly (optional)
  • Monthly group accountability Zoom calls to keep you focused and on track
  • Networking exclusively for VIP members
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That's more than 9 hours of group sessions plus a community 24/7 for less than most business coaches charge for half an hour!

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Inspire UK VIP Membership 

£48 a month or £500 a year
This membership gives you access to everything we offer! Coaching, mentoring, networking, masterminding, peer support, expert training and name it, it's here! As a heart-led community, we're focused on helping one another achieve our goals and come from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and a desire to build relationships at our core.

The thing that brings us together is the fact that we're all female founders/entrepreneurs/business owners (including founders of not-for-profit companies) or preparing to start our journeys in this arena.

Whatever you call yourself, if you're someone who leads in your own organisation, however big or small, new or established, you're a VIP to us! We are here to support one another as PEOPLE first, and BUSINESS LEADERS second. Our membership is all about building relationships and connecting on a human-to-human level, not "business-to-business", which is what many business networks focus on. We're different! We are Inspire and a non-profit membership body that champions one another as women, inspiring and encouraging each other every step of the way! We share business as a common thread that unites us and means we can share support in a way that "non-business-owners" can't.

Weekly "Heart to Heart"  Meetings:
We run weekly optional Zoom meetings, alternating between morning and evening each week as we understand that everyone's schedules look different! These are precious, quality times where we meet up to build relationships "face to face" - as far as is possible digitally.

Come and share a challenge you're facing and we'll help you overcome it, or simply come to get to know others...this is your time to connect in small groups and get to know one another. We stand "shoulder to shoulder" and look for ways to help one another. Even if you're feeling like you don't have much to bring sometimes, that's ok, we all need support, and you are so welcome. It's our goal that members will always go away from meetings feel inspired, energised and/or empowered as they go on into the week!

Monthly Expert-Led Masterclasses
We run monthly masterclasses, on all kinds of relevant an interesting topics that are designed to inspire, empower, encourage and equip you as a female entrepreneur. All our masterclasses are delivered exclusively for members, and you can book onto through links which we share on our Facebook group and WhatsApp group/broadcast list! We know emails get lost so we find this is the most effective way to reach you. If you're not a Facebook user, it's ok. You can join our masterclasses live if you don't use Facebook, you can request a link to watch on replay.

The WhatsApp Group:
Each WhatsApp group is limited to 250 members to provide a real sense of community and belonging. It's hard to maintain relationships with too many people so we find this is the best way to ensure you can connect meaningfully and get to know the people you're sharing with.

All our members connect together in monthly networking meetings, access the same masterclasses and share support in the Facebook community. We are one! We hope that in a world post-Covid we may one day be able to meet together at conferences and retreats too! The "What's Up" WhatsApp group is designed to be a sales and self-promo free zone, where members connect day-to-day and build relationships that help to create belonging, facilitate connection that supports growth, collaboration and a safe space to give and receive support, encouragement and inspiration.

The Facebook Group (The Inspire VIP Hub):
We also have a group on Facebook ("The Inspire VIP Hub") which VIP members can use in addition to WhatsApp, which is a marketplace but also functions as a space to ask anonymous questions to other members, run polls, go Live, and where we stream our masterclasses, save useful documents, information, trainings and offers. We have a membership space within our website so if anything ever happens to Facebook, we have a Plan B! But for now we know most people have access to Facebook and we back up all important files!

Monthly Accountability Group Zooms:

These powerful monthly meetings take place on a different day each month to try and keep things flexible for people who have fixed schedules. Come along and we'll help you keep track of your successes, be held accountable for moving forwards and encourage others in the process. As we share our wins, we inspire others!

Even if it's been a tough month and something's got in the way of achieving the desires of your heart, sharing is good. It's cathartic. And it helps others connect with us in empathy, who may even be able to offer support. By not sharing, we prevent others from experiencing the joy of offering to help, and it's dishonest to only ever reveal the successes and not the challenges. Our meetings are a safe space to share and be heard, and to empower one another.

The power of accountability is undeniable! So we do encourage members to try to attend these sessions. We make use of breakout rooms where needed to ensure everyone is heard. 

Membership Fees/Subs:
Our membership is run on a non-profit-making basis, designed only to enable us to pay for the support we need to keep Inspire running. If you wish to join but feel it is unaffordable for you due to specific circumstances beyond your control, please email [email protected] with the subject SCHOLARSHIP and tell us a bit about your situation. We regret we cannot offer everyone support in the form of a scholarship but will always do our best to accommodate those who are facing extremely challenging circumstances.

We are in the process of registering as a Community Interest Company at present to enable us to apply for grants too. If you'd like to support as a leader of a breakout room when needed, or would like to deliver a masterclass, or can offer admin support in our Facebook groups, we love it when members volunteer in these ways - it really helps!

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