Are you a woman on a mission?

Do you aspire to be a force for good and make the world a better place through your business?


Inspire UK’s mission is to help purpose-driven women increase their impact through meaningful connection and collaboration. Our members are women who aspire to create a business as a powerful force for good and have the ambition to change the world.

All our communities are housed on a premium platform created especially for memberships like ours, so you won’t have to scroll through 3rd party platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp to find what you’re looking for. You’ll have instant access from your phone or computer to interact with the community, interest groups, or individual members as well as attend events and access our library in one secure place.

We provide you with the opportunities, motivation and support you need to build your business, whatever your time and budget. And we will teach you how to network in a way that’s filled with integrity, feels good and is great for your business.

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The Inspire Network

Are you looking to utilise the power of quality networking to develop meaningful relationships to grow your business?

This is our entry-level community and provides vibrant, dynamic and professionally organised networking at an affordable price. It’s the go-to network for busy female business owners who have lots on but want to still network and build quality relationships with like-minded women who share their values of kindness, fairness, and integrity.

It’s a network driven by the common belief that together we are stronger and is a friendly and judgment-free zone focussed on mutual support, advice, and collaboration. We support our members to network in a way that is filled with integrity, feels good and is based on building authentic relationships. You discover your people during the efficient speed networking sessions and then develop the relationships within the community and beyond.


Hand holding a graphic of a network with the inspire network logo in turquoise

Your membership includes:

  • Monthly 60-minute speed networking sessions online where business gets done efficiently. The days and times vary so everyone will be able to attend at least some sessions.
  • Directory of members where you can list your business, showcase your offers, share your links and find others to connect with and do business with.
  • Q&A forum to get advice, encouragement, and support to grow your business
  • Direct message facility to proactively build and maintain your network within the Inspire community

Your investment is just £30 a year - places are limited to 1000 women

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The Inspire Growth Squad

Are you ready to think bigger and grow your impact? Do you want to be surrounded by amazing women who will be your biggest fans and greatest allies?

The Inspire Growth Squad is the chosen community for real women, with real businesses who are driving real change in the world. Our members are purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who aspire to achieve more than just making a living from their businesses, they see it as a powerful force for good. We empower our members to learn from each other, be one another's cheerleaders, supporters, accountability partners and helpers, and promote the culture of reciprocity.

Our members are positive action-takers, but they also recognise there are seasons in life and business that are not perfect. We know how hugely rewarding, but also how difficult, and sometimes lonely, it can be to build a business. We don’t prescribe to toxic positivity but instead nurture authentic connection and provide a safe space of trust and acceptance with gentle challenge when required.

All the sessions have been designed to be an hour or less so you can fit them into your busy schedule. Join us with your breakfast or lunch at the masterminding sessions. Business booster masterclasses are just 15-minutes which you can enjoy while having a coffee or walking the dog. And the co-working sessions are for you to work on your business, but with good company and focussed accountability for an hour.


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Your membership includes:

  • 1 daytime and 1 evening masterminding session a month (60-minutes)
  • 1 co-working and accountability session a month (60-minutes)
  • 1 bitesize business booster masterclass a month (15-minutes)
  • Access to the resource library including replays of previous classes
  • Community group, an exclusive networking area for The Inspire Growth Squad members to ask for help, connect with and support each other.
  • Guest expert sessions on topics related to life and business for example health, wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, wealth, etc. – you can apply to run these for the community as a member.
  • Plus, access to The Inspire Network and its networking sessions

Your investment is just £30 per month – places are limited to 150 women

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Emma May Oliver

Wonderful group of people with lots of training and support. Being a business owner can feel like such a lonely space at times however I love now having a safe space where I can go for advice 💖

Stefanie Simpson

It is full of supportive women who are all at different stages of their business which means that every question you could possibly have will get an experienced answer and you will have us all as your cheerleaders in the background 😊 #collaborationnotcompetition

Diane Miller

A great group where ladies are so happy and willing to offer their support .... if you want to be part of a caring community of women in business I would really recommend to come and be part of this fabulous group 💕

The Inspire VIP Hub

Are you already thinking big and aspiring to achieve serious ambitions?

Supercharge your business growth and increase your impact with 1:1 business consultancy, mentoring and coaching from Inspire UK’s very own founder, Nikki Tapley. As a member of the VIP Hub you will have direct access to her and her personal and professional expertise. You'll have exclusive and individual input from her to help you however you need it, with a tailored and bespoke approach - no cookie cutter programmes! This is the only place Nikki offers this level of support. She can also connect you with her own trusted network, so you get access to her tried, tested and reliable contacts.

Nikki's an award-winning entrepreneur and is also an experienced professional marketing consultant and specialist-trained neuro-divergent friendly mentor. With experience of running all kinds of different businesses across sectors and industries. She's been there and done it over 17+ years: bootstrapping, scaling, employing, investing, acquiring and selling businesses; there's not much Nikki doesn't know about business. 


hands holding a bright pink letter v in the word vip with a photo of a blonde lady and the Inspire Vip hub logo
middle aged woman with long grey hair sitting at a kitchen table onher laptop and phone

Your membership includes:

  • 1 x 60-minute monthly mentoring call with Nikki Tapley
  • Private, secure, networking and supportive group for The Inspire VIP Hub members, where you can ask questions of Nikki between your 1:1 sessions with her
  • Plus, access to The Inspire Growth Club and its collaboration and support sessions
  • And access to The Inspire Network and its networking sessions

Your investment is just £97 per month – places are limited to 10 women

Become a VIP here


Since I have been working with Nikki, I was able to address issues that were stopping me from growing my business we looked at sales, goals, finances, staffing, clients, contracts. Nikki was able to coach me with both my business which was a great help. We covered a lot in our sessions and there is still more work to do. I would highly recommend Nikki she has a good knowledge of different business and great network of business owners who she has put me in touch who can support me to develop. She is genuinely a lovely person who wants everyone to succeed in what they do. If you need a coach look no further.


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