Why giving is good for you

charity giving september Sep 03, 2021

This 5th of September is the United Nation’s International Day of Charity, and at The Inspire Network we’re keen to celebrate. 

Why? Because we think charities do amazing work! And giving does us good in so many ways! 

Charities are responsible for making significant positive changes in the world – whether that be serving the environment, providing aid in humanitarian crises, alleviating suffering of those in need, transforming the lives of individuals or improving communities and our society at large. As such, we believe they deserve our support.  

Generosity and giving is good for society, but it’s also good for us. Often as business owners it’s easy to get caught up in making money and trying to set boundaries to protect our time... but giving our money and our time, with a mindset of abundance and the right attitude, is hugely...

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