How to build brilliant business relationships and win more business: 5 top tips

relationships september Sep 24, 2021

In day-to-day life, and in business, relationships are the core and common factor that keep people connected and engaged, and build community. Communities are groups of people who align because they share something in common. As a business owner, having a community that you are part of that is full of people who want to be connected and engaged with you is critical to survival and winning new business. But how to build a community around you? 

First, you have to meet people and make the right impression!

People will decide quickly if they like you based on their first impression of you, so it’s good to remember this and be mindful of leaving a positive impression, as doing so will give you more chance of further conversations and building a relationship. 

For business owners, this principle applies to the extent that how you come across could make or break your business! So it’s important to think about how you’re showing up and...

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