4 Top Tips to Tackle Loneliness

loneliness week Jun 19, 2021

Loneliness can kill. In fact it kills just as often, if not more than, smoking and obesity, according to the world-renowned Centre for Disease Control. It’s not just feeling down, it can amplify every other negative moment or event tenfold – but the chances are we don’t need to tell you this. 

If you’ve felt the sting of any one of the five kinds of loneliness identified by 
The Marmalade Trust, then none of this will be surprising to you. If you’re not sure, the five kinds are: 

  • Emotional loneliness: When you’re missing someone in particular; someone you felt close to like a partner, family member or friend, is no longer around. 
  • Social loneliness: When you feel as though you have no wider support group, network, friendship group or neighbours to turn to. 
  • Transient loneliness: When a sensation of loneliness wavers, strong at times and...
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